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amanikitty in para_requests

Wondering if anyone knows the songs that are playing in this video:

I only know Magic to Love. I'm especially interested in the song playing at 1:40. I'm really looking for names and the CDs they're on, but if you can give the mp3 itself I'd very much appreciate it.

I'm also looking for mp3s for Hardcore Paradise (DJ Spark feat. XLR) and CALL MY NAME【テクノ】

Thank youuu!


The song at 0:44 is "Melody" by Nagisa
and at 2:11 is "Wanna Be Your Emotion" by Lolita

Those are the only two I know.

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First is Kiss Kiss ~Koishi ta ano natsu~ by Ichidai, second: Melody by Nagisa, third: Urya! Sorya! Yamato Damashii! by Sekai No Haracchi & Yamato Damashii You With D-1 All Stars Feat. DJ Pontsuyo, fourth (the one at 1.40): Baby Baby by 2nf FUNK-TION, fifth: Wanna Be You Emotion by Lolita, sixth (as you already knew): Magic to Love by Tsubasa, seventh/final one... not so sure about x) But I can tell you that on when I'm sure about it :'D
@_______________________________________@ My lord you are awesomeeee

That's ok. I wasn't too interested in that last thing xD just the other songs

Thanks so muchhh!
Thanks x3
I'm glad I could help you.

I really recommend Campus Summit 2007, it has good songs and routines and it even has fan!techno in it 8D
Well.. finding the last one didn't take long as I guessed the artist o_O
Anygays it is チュリッス☆チュリッス /チャラ男 芸人 「慶」 (Churissu☆Churissu (?) by DJ CharaO Kei)

Kiss Kiss, Melody, Urya! Sorya! and Magic to Love are on Campus Summit 2007 CD (and also on DVD which includes Baby Baby). Wanna Be Your Emotion is on Parapara Paradise 7 (for example).

I hope that helps~

Haha, Churissu makes me think of Chris x)
Thanks for the info!
I'm thinking of getting the CD/DVDs now. Waiting or hoping for it to pop up on youtube isn't helping much xD

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